Funding Solutions

Sufficient capitalization is very important for any business start up and underfunding is a leading cause for failure. Unfortunately for many Franchise buyers funding is the last consideration. While I firmly believe “where there is a will, there is a way” intelligently planning how you will a fund a start up is vital to success but may also determine which franchises you should even consider!

Here are a few Funding Sources that clients have used and we refer you to experts in financing franchise start ups during our consulting process.

  • The obvious one is your cash and liquid savings
  • Home Equity is popular and relatively simple to access. I used this on my first franchise purchase and ramp up
  • Commercial Loans & Government Insured SBA Loans
  • Self Directed 401K & IRA rollover. This has gotten very popular. You can access retirement funds with NO tax consequences or penalties 
  • Credit Lines (Secured and Unsecured) offer a lot of flexibility if you are planning multiple units
  • Family and Friends. Many clients have family looking for good investments and willing to help
  • Equipment Funding. If you are starting a business like a restaurant, a business with specialty vehicles or any business with a high equipment investment, you can frequently get equipment financed separately  

Funding Partners

Fund My Franchise & Al Lesko

Pango Financial & Candice Caruso

Tenet Financial

Guidant Financial